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Ruaidhri Silverhand

Ruaidhri Silverhand-1 Current Titles:

  • Viscount Var-Heim
  • An-Ridire Ruaidhri Silverhand
  • Righ-Tuatha of County of the One Ring


  • Knight Premier
  • Knight Archer
  • Knight Bachelor

Current Positions:

  • Deputy Minister of Rolls
  • Deputy Imperial Minister of Rolls
  • Paladin of the Church Iglesias de Los Soldados
  • Righ-Tuatha of clan Silverhand

Awards and Titles Received:

  • Crown Companion 2013 to Dame Mary and Prince Wright
  • Premiere of the Rock of Connacht
  • Viscount Connacht
  • Baron of Connacht
  • Companion of the Legion of Alhambra
  • Baron of the Court of Alhambra
  • Viscount of Alhambra
  • Cauldron of Connacht
  • Sword of Connacht
  • Royal Order of the Queen’s Guard
  • Warlord of the Frozen North