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March 26: Knights & Squires Dinner

My lords and my ladies, masters and mistresses and fellow squires, I invite you all to the first annual knight and squires feast day, hosted by Rathvilly. The event will take place Saturday, March 26, 2016.

We are gathering together for food, for instruction, for merriment and for camaraderie, but first and foremost, this day is devoted to gloating.

The Viscount of Rathvilly, Sir Malyk Corsar, has entreated me, as his lady, to labour with him and present to you a sample of the bounty that the Canton of Rathvilly and our esteemed neighbours, has to offer, and lay it before you for your enjoyment and nourishment.

I will ask that any Squire, and any other member of the populace who wishes to gloat and to receive untold admiration for their handiwork, to please come and see me after opening court so that they can be included in the day’s events and make sure that all the appropriate paperwork is completed. Presentations are currently scheduled for between courses of the feast. They will be laid before your Highness, the knights, and our esteemed judges for adjudication.

Also, as this is a day of enlightenment, there will be two collegiums this day. The first on basic medieval table manners and the second on forms of address within the Adrian empire.

Time and weather permitting, there will be an archery shoot, just to keep those skills sharp.

At 5 bells, the hall will be opened for hand washing and seating.

We will enjoy a 4 course meal, in as period correct recipes as I can muster, for all to enjoy.

We finish the evening with board games, strategy games and games of chance and story telling, songs and musical performances to entertain us. Weather permitting we will be outside with a roaring fire, if not, we shall adjourn to inside the hall.

As this is a rather large undertaking, I will need firm numbers from people attending by the end of February, so that we can accurately purchase and prepare the feast.

We are looking at $20 per person for the feast, for anyone 12 or over, $10 per child 5-11.

For the knights, please follow up with your squires and see how they are proceeding with their projects, and if they are able to attend.