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Monthly Archives: September 2014

2014 Imperial Crown War

Thank you so much for everyone that came out to play this past weekend.  We welcomed many new fighters to the field, and classes were held to help them on the path of the Warrior.  There were lots of new and challenging archery events, thanks to Baron Wolfgang!  The last evening was blessed with a couple of rounds of our Talking Stick Bardic.  It was amazing to see new and old friends connecting and enjoying the beautiful peaceful setting of the woods in Joe Rich.  Duchess Gabriele Silverhand

2014 Camelot Demo

This year’s demo was a combination of the two newly formed Duchys.  Connacht and Var-Heim came together in the spirit of cooperation and collaboration.  The demo was well attended by both areas, and the public loved the fighting, the entertainment, and the wine of course!  Thanks to everyone that made this possible.