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Upcoming: 2015 Symposium

November 20-22, Var-Heim is hosting our biannual symposium.

At this time, only the location has been determined. Watch this page for event updates!

Instructors needed for this event!


  • The Symposium events shall be informative and interactive classes that broaden our understanding of the Adrian era.
  • Each class a person gives within a twelve-month period must be on a different subject unless it is required for a ministry position.


  • The classes shall provide information to the populace about the arts and sciences during the Adrian era.


  • Each class presentation shall be a minimum of twenty (20) minutes in length, not including questions.


  • Each class shall allow for a question/answer session at the end of the class.


  • Each class shall provide a handout of source material for further information or have sources on- hand for review.