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Don Mizak Perado

Don Mizak Perado
Don Mizak Perado Heraldry

Argent, a boar Gules fettered without chains Or and a point-pointed Sable


Per pale Gules and Sable, a medusas head Argent

Current Titles:

  • Don Mizak Perado


  • Knight Archer
  • Knight Bachelor
  • Knight Minister
  • Knight Civil

Current Positions:

  • Baron autem Bellicus Apri
  • Consigliere di la Famiglia di la Cinghiale Porpora (Advisor of the Family of the Crimson Boar)
  • Monk, Iglesias de los Soldatos

Awards and Titles Received:

  • Third Viscount of Varheim
  • Imperial Order of the Empress’ Guard (Empress Mary)
  • Imperial Black Garter of Crown Companion (Dame Mary and Prince Wright)
  • Order of the Silver Sun (R&G)
  • Order of the Sacred Hollows – Cauldron (K&A)
  • Order of the Sacred Hollows – Sword (R&G)
  • Crown Councillor, Crown Silverhand (R&G)
  • Ducal Red Garter of Crown Companion (R&G)
  • Royal Headsman (R&G)