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Their Royal Graces, Sir Malyk Corsar and Dama Ledi Corsar wish Congratulations

On behalf of the new Archduke and Archduchess of Var-Heim, their Royal Graces Sir Malyk Corsar and Dama Ledi Corsar, we wish congratulations to the following:

Knight Archer, Sir Wolfgang Archer Silverhand

Newest Inductees to the Royal Order of the Dragon’s Egg, Page Emily Silverhand and Page Padraig Silverhand
New Ministers:

Archery – Sir Wolfgang Silverhand
Steward – Sir Wolfgang Silverhand
Archivist – Sir Wolfgang Silverhand
Rolls – Sir Wolfgang Silverhand

Physicker – HIM Gabriele Silverhand
Chronicler – HIM Gabriele Silverhand

War and Joust – Archduke Sir Malyk Corsar

Education – Squire Bronwyn

Arts and Sciences – Sir Ljotr Einarsson

Marshall – Sir Ruaidhri Silverhand

Heraldy – Dame Salix alba Sericea

Hospitaler – Archduchess Dama Ledi Corsar

Chancellor – Squire Anna Süderhandin

Web Minister – Mistress Kris