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Their Royal Graces, Sir Malyk Corsar and Dama Ledi Corsar wish Congratulations

On behalf of the new Archduke and Archduchess of Var-Heim, their Royal Graces Sir Malyk Corsar and Dama Ledi Corsar, we wish congratulations to the following:

Knight Archer, Sir Wolfgang Archer Silverhand

Newest Inductees to the Royal Order of the Dragon’s Egg, Page Emily Silverhand and Page Padraig Silverhand
New Ministers:

Archery – Sir Wolfgang Silverhand
Steward – Sir Wolfgang Silverhand
Archivist – Sir Wolfgang Silverhand
Rolls – Sir Wolfgang Silverhand

Physicker – HIM Gabriele Silverhand
Chronicler – HIM Gabriele Silverhand

War and Joust – Archduke Sir Malyk Corsar

Education – Squire Bronwyn

Arts and Sciences – Sir Ljotr Einarsson

Marshall – Sir Ruaidhri Silverhand

Heraldy – Dame Salix alba Sericea

Hospitaler – Archduchess Dama Ledi Corsar

Chancellor – Squire Anna Süderhandin

Web Minister – Mistress Kris

2017 Fight Practice!

Come one, come all, to Var-Heim’s new fight practice!

The 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month, Var-Heim hosts a fight practice at a member’s house. Please join us on Facebook for more information.

2017 dates:

June 7, June 21
July 5, July 19
August 2, August 16
September 6, September 20


The 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month, Var-Heim hosts a fight practice at a different member’s house. Please join us on Facebook for more information.

2017 dates:

June 15, June 29
July 13, July 27
August 10, August 24
September 14, September 28

Possibly more in the fall if the weather holds.

March 26: Knights & Squires Dinner

My lords and my ladies, masters and mistresses and fellow squires, I invite you all to the first annual knight and squires feast day, hosted by Rathvilly. The event will take place Saturday, March 26, 2016.

We are gathering together for food, for instruction, for merriment and for camaraderie, but first and foremost, this day is devoted to gloating.

The Viscount of Rathvilly, Sir Malyk Corsar, has entreated me, as his lady, to labour with him and present to you a sample of the bounty that the Canton of Rathvilly and our esteemed neighbours, has to offer, and lay it before you for your enjoyment and nourishment.

I will ask that any Squire, and any other member of the populace who wishes to gloat and to receive untold admiration for their handiwork, to please come and see me after opening court so that they can be included in the day’s events and make sure that all the appropriate paperwork is completed. Presentations are currently scheduled for between courses of the feast. They will be laid before your Highness, the knights, and our esteemed judges for adjudication.

Also, as this is a day of enlightenment, there will be two collegiums this day. The first on basic medieval table manners and the second on forms of address within the Adrian empire.

Time and weather permitting, there will be an archery shoot, just to keep those skills sharp.

At 5 bells, the hall will be opened for hand washing and seating.

We will enjoy a 4 course meal, in as period correct recipes as I can muster, for all to enjoy.

We finish the evening with board games, strategy games and games of chance and story telling, songs and musical performances to entertain us. Weather permitting we will be outside with a roaring fire, if not, we shall adjourn to inside the hall.

As this is a rather large undertaking, I will need firm numbers from people attending by the end of February, so that we can accurately purchase and prepare the feast.

We are looking at $20 per person for the feast, for anyone 12 or over, $10 per child 5-11.

For the knights, please follow up with your squires and see how they are proceeding with their projects, and if they are able to attend.

2016 Deep Winter Farewell

January 30, 2015 10:00am

“Rise, land, from slumbering, grass from sleeping!
Let stem grow stems, and stalks grow stalks. Send up shoots by the thousand, spread sprouts by the hundred as a result of my plowing, my sowing, especially of my toil.”

Deep-winter may not be the 10-foot snow drifts or hard times of ancient days, but who can say that their heart is not lightened even just a little by the strengthening sun. Too soon for our locale to think of planting, but planning yes!

Reflect on the year past and the dark winter and wave good bye to those worries and woes, celebrate a fresh new spring to come, make plans, feast, and make merry that once again we come out of the darkness and grow stronger as a community.

This event will have games and crafts inside (perhaps time to finish that crosstitch you started in the fall hey), outside we will have archery and combat event weather providing.

1) Nothing beats the smell of fresh bread – Use the last of that harvest grain to make your best bread, cake, or dumpling – give A&S a try, judges are standing by drooling for something delicious to eat.

2) Shiver me quivers – There will be an archery challenge that only the fiercest (or most stubborn) archers will prevail.

3) Snow Stomp – if you are a combatant can you please let us know what style you would like to participate in during this event so we can schedule your challenges while there is still daylight 🙂

4) Festival of Wealth – have some medieval trinkets, Arch Duke’s coins, gold, or gems there will be a games tournament where the entry fee is something to be entered as a prize item. Please bring any medieval games you might have that can be played indoors.

5) Imperial Challenges for Archery & Combat ($5 Entry fee for each)

LOOK HERE! – Food will be a little different this time as there will be no formal feast – we will feast all day! Please bring snacks and finger foods to share, and a few coins to toss in the well of wishes (donations to help pay for a few extra snacks that will be coming.

Court will be held at 10 Bells – but anyone who comes early can help set up archery and get some practice in, or help set up the hall and earn themselves some wealth to gamble with.

The schedule will be flexible for the rest of the day to accommodate all the challenges.

Everyone is encouraged to bring a guest and show them the hospitality and kinship of Var-Heim.

2015 Day of the Dead

Spooky Atmosphere

Spooky Atmosphere

Spider Pinata

Spider Pinata

This past weekend, October 24 and 25, we celebrated with our annual Day of the Dead event. There were a record number of children at this event, and it looks like everyone had a great time!

Gentlemen Fighters

Gentlemen Fighters

Autocrat Helena Alexandria Silverhand and Her Royal Majesty Gabriele Silverhand

Autocrat Helena Alexandria Silverhand and Her Royal Majesty Gabriele Silverhand

Many thanks to our autocrat, Helena, for organizing such a great event.

Upcoming: 2015 Symposium

November 20-22, Var-Heim is hosting our biannual symposium.

At this time, only the location has been determined. Watch this page for event updates!

Instructors needed for this event!


  • The Symposium events shall be informative and interactive classes that broaden our understanding of the Adrian era.
  • Each class a person gives within a twelve-month period must be on a different subject unless it is required for a ministry position.


  • The classes shall provide information to the populace about the arts and sciences during the Adrian era.


  • Each class presentation shall be a minimum of twenty (20) minutes in length, not including questions.


  • Each class shall allow for a question/answer session at the end of the class.


  • Each class shall provide a handout of source material for further information or have sources on- hand for review.

2014 Imperial Crown War

Thank you so much for everyone that came out to play this past weekend.  We welcomed many new fighters to the field, and classes were held to help them on the path of the Warrior.  There were lots of new and challenging archery events, thanks to Baron Wolfgang!  The last evening was blessed with a couple of rounds of our Talking Stick Bardic.  It was amazing to see new and old friends connecting and enjoying the beautiful peaceful setting of the woods in Joe Rich.  Duchess Gabriele Silverhand

2014 Camelot Demo

This year’s demo was a combination of the two newly formed Duchys.  Connacht and Var-Heim came together in the spirit of cooperation and collaboration.  The demo was well attended by both areas, and the public loved the fighting, the entertainment, and the wine of course!  Thanks to everyone that made this possible.

2014 July Imperial Estates Meeting in Las Vegas Nevada

The Imperial Estates have voted unanimously to allow the new subdivision of Var-Heim to be created.  The charter will be drawn up with the help of Their Imperial Majesties.  The area South of the Kelowna International Airport will be the lands shepherded by Var-Heim.  Huzzah!!

Welcome to Our Blog

var-heim-003Welcome to Var-Heim.

This is our new blog.

Please return often. We will be posting information about our members, our events and much more.

Perhaps you will join us!